The Carina Ari Medal 2023

Carina Ari Medal
This year, the Carina Ari Medal is awarded to Marie Larsson Sturdy for meritorious contributions to the Swedish dance.

Marie Larsson Sturdy. Foto: Håkan Larsson Marie Larsson Sturdy. Foto: Håkan Larsson

The jury's statement:

The Carina Ari medal is awarded to Marie Larsson Sturdy for her long-standing and dedicated efforts within Dans i Nord - a vital activity that for more than 20 years has promoted the opportunities for the residents of Norrbotten to continuously take part in a wide range of dance. Together with Olof Westring, Marie Larsson Sturdy has been the driving force in developing this important platform for local, regional, national and international dance art.

It is, to say the least, a multifaceted and qualitative offering that Dans i Nord has presented to the audience. Among the major international guest performances are, for example, choreographers and dancers such as Akram Khan, the flamenco innovator Rocío Molina, Marco Flores, the prized ballet dancer Lucía Lacarra and the French Compagnie Vivons. Stockholm 59° North, with dancers from the Royal Ballet, has also enriched the offer, as have Norrdans and Cullberg among national groups.

Marie Larsson Sturdy has also within Dans i Nord supported the production of new dance films with choreographers such as Pontus Lidberg, Marie Larsson Sturdy and Giovanni Bucchieri. In addition, workshops and dance training are offered for young people, which is also important for spreading knowledge about and interest in the art of dance.

Anna Ångström, on behalf of the Medal Committee, the Carina Ari Memorial Fund

The members of the Carina Ari Foundation’s medal committee are:
Anna Ångström, critic and editor at SvD,
Ana Laguna, professor and Royal Court Dancer, and
Rennie Mirro, dancer and actor.