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Nobiltà di Dame, 1605Nobiltà di Dame del S.r Fabritio Caroso da Sermoneta, 1605

ATYS, 1676Atys, Tragedie en Mvsiqve. Orne'e d'Entre'es de Ballet, de Machines, et de Changements de Theatre;
Jean-Baptiste Lully, 1676

Le Magasin PittoresqueLe Magasin Pittoresque, 1833 - 1851

Le Théatre, 1900LE THÉATRE (1900)

Carina Ari Biblioteket

The Carina Ari Foundation Library is the largest dance research library in Northern Europe. It was founded in 1969, and has since grown to comprise more than 13,000 books, 11,000 periodicals, thousands of videos and an extensive collection of images and other archive material.

The library contains literature covering a wide perspective on dance from all over the world. The collections of early European written sources (pre-1850s), western "modern dance" material, and literature on Russian, Indian and Chinese dance are especially valuable resources.

The rapidly growing video collection contains unique footage of documentaries on prominent dancers and dance activities.

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Visitors are welcome by appointment with the library's secretariat.

Map/kartaCarina Ari Library
Holländargatan 23, Stockholm
Public transport:
Subway Station Hötorget or Rådmansgatan

Phone: +46 (0)8 662 65 70

Styrelsens sammansättning:

Members of the board of directors:


Conseil d'Administration:

Het bestuur van de bibliotheek:

Ordförande:Chairman:Vorsitzende:Président:Voorzitter: koreografen och bibliotekarien Satu Mariia Harjanne Satu Mariia Harjanne, choreographer and librarian Satu Mariia Harjanne, Choreografin und Bibliothekarin Satu Mariia Harjanne, Chorégraphe et Bibliothécaire Satu Mariia Harjanne, choreograaf en bibliothecaris

Övriga styrelseledamöter:Other board members:Vorstandsmitglieder:Autres Membres du Conseil d'Administration:Overige bestuursleden:

f.d. teaterchefen Dag Hallberg Dag Hallberg, f. General Director Ehem. Generalintendant Dag Hallberg Dag Hallberg, Ancien Directeur de l'Opéra Dag Hallberg, voormalig Theater directeur

kapellmästaren Richard Häger band-master Richard Häger Kapellmeister Richard Häger Richard Häger, chef d'orchestre orkestdirigent Richard Häger

Lena Hammergren, professor i dansvetenskap Lena Hammergren, Professor of Dance Studies Lena Hammergren, Professorin für Tanzwissenschaft Lena Hammergren, Professeur d'études de danse Lena Hammergren, Professor of Dance Studies


Study room
The study room where visitors can go through the material.

Il Ballarino, 1581
Il Ballarino, diviso in due trattati; Fabritio Caroso, 1581

Orchesographie, 1588
Orchesographie. Et traicte en forme de dialogue; Thoinot Arbeau, 1588

Magazine Archive
Tidningsarkivet - The Magazine Archive

Le Théatre de la Loïe Fuller
LE THÉATRE, Le Théatre de la Loïe Fuller (1900)