The Carina Ari Memorial Foundation

Carina Ari 1930
Carina Ari in the 1930s

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Carina Aris Minnesfond

The Carina Ari Memorial foundation was founded in 1963 and started to work in 1973. The scope and objectives of the Foundation are unique in international terms.

The overall purpose is to develop and support Swedish dance.

At present, this is achieved by providing financial support primarily in three main areas:
  • scholarships to enable young dancers to study abroad
  • scholarships and funding for dance research
  • financial support for elderly dancers who often receive unjustly small pensions and have substantial healthcare needs

The Memorial Foundation also awards The Carina Ari Medal to persons who have commendably promoted Swedish dance.

Styrelsens sammansättning:

Members of the board of directors:


Conseil d'Administration:

Het bestuur bestaat uit de volgende leden:

Ordförande:Chairman:Vorsitzender:Président:Voorzitter: f.d. teaterchefen Dag Hallberg Dag Hallberg, f. General Director Ehem. Generalintendant Dag Hallberg Dag Hallberg, Ancien Directeur de l'Opéra Dag Hallberg, voormalig Theater directeur

Övriga styrelseledamöter:Other board members:Vorstandsmitglieder:Autres Membres du Conseil d'Administration:Overige bestuursleden:

bitr. balettchefen Mikael Jönsson Mikael Jönsson, Deputy Director of the Royal Swedish Ballet Stv. Balletchef des königl. Ballets Mikael Jönsson Mikael Jönsson, directeur adjoint du Ballet Royal Suédois Mikael Jönsson, adjunct directeur van het Koninklijke Balett

premiärdansösen Mariane Orlando; se även Mariane Orlando, Principal dancer, Royal Swedish Ballet Mariane Orlando, Primaballerina Mariane Orlando, Etoile du Ballet Royal Suédois Mariane Orlando, eerste solist

Mariane Orlandos Stipendiefond

professor Ana Laguna, hovdansös Professor Ana Laguna, Dancer of the Swedish Royal Court Professor Ana Laguna, Kgl. Hoftänzerin Ana Laguna, Professeur, Danseuse à la Cour du Roi professor Ana Laguna, Dancer of the Swedish Royal Court

hovdansösen Johanna Björnson Johanna Björnson, Dancer of the Swedish Royal Court Kgl. Hoftänzerin Johanna Björnson Johanna Björnson, Danseuse à la Cour du Roi Johanna Björnson, Dancer of the Swedish Royal Court

fotografen Hans Nilsson, hovdansör Photographer Hans Nilsson, Dancer of the Swedish Royal Court Fotograf Hans Nilsson, Kgl. Hoftänzer Photographe Hans Nilsson, Danseur à la Cour du Roi Fotograaf Hans Nilsson, Dancer of the Swedish Royal Court

dansskribenten och dramaturgen Gunilla Jensen Gunilla Jensen, Dance Critic and Dramaturge Gunilla Jensen, Tanzrezensentin und Dramaturgin Gunilla Jensen, Critique de la Danse et Dramaturge Gunilla Jensen, dansrecensent en dramaturg