The Carina Ari Medal 2019

Carina Ari Medal
Carina Ari dagen 2019

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This year, the Carina Ari medal is awarded to Charlotta Öfverholm and Marie-Louise Ekman, who each receive a medal for their commendable services to Swedish dance.

Marie-Louise Ekman och Charlotta ÖfverholmMarie-Louise Ekman and Charlotta Öfverholm, Carina Ari-medallists 2019.
Photo: Hans Nilsson.

The multifaceted artist Marie-Louise Ekman embarked on her innovative collaboration with the international choreographer Mats Ek in 1976, with St George and the Dragon. She has created sets and costumes for a dozen of his dance dramas, stimulating the audience’s imagination and deepening the choreographer’s interpretations of classic stories such as Giselle, Swan Lake, The House of Bernarda, Carmen and Orphée. Ballets that belong to the history of dance and have been performed and won awards all over the world. In June this year, Mats Ek and Marie-Lousie Ekman can look forward to the first performance of their 13th ballet, Ravel’s Bolero at the Paris Opera.

Marie-Louise Ekman’s stage design and costumes are never predictable but refreshing and bold. She understands the art of adhering to the choreographer’s intention while adding something of her own.

The dancer and choreographer Charlotta Öfverholm has rapidly and fundamentally changed our notions of elderly dancers’ bodies on stage. In 2016, she launched the unique project Age on Stage, focusing on dancers over 45, an adventure she pursues with undiminished energy. The concept features seminars with international experts and scholars, and a performance relating to a theme. This year’s project concerns injuries and surgery, based on Charlotta’s challenging question: How can I continue dancing all my life?

Charlotta Öfverholm is a force of nature, whose fervent enthusiasm defies the laws of physics. Daring and invincible, she finds her own path in the world of dance, and a growing flock follows in her footsteps.

The Medal Committee: Gunilla Jensen, dance critic and dramaturge, Ana Laguna, professor and Royal Court Dancer, Rennie Mirro, dancer and actor.

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