The Carina Ari Medal 2021

Carina Ari Medal
Carina Ari medallist 2021 fotoalbum

See photos from the 2021 medal award ceremony on Thursday, October 21 at the Dance Museum. Photographer: Hans Nilsson

This year, the Carina Ari Medal is awarded to Fredrik "Benke" Rydman for meritorious contributions to the Swedish dance.

Fredrik 'Benke' Rydman. Foto: Johan BergmarkFredrik 'Benke' Rydman. Photo: Johan Bergmark.

The jury's statement: For nearly three decades, Fredrik Rydman has stood out on the dance scene as one of Sweden’s most highly-acclaimed narrative dance performers. He brought street dance to Sweden, attracting a growing audience that has had the pleasure of enjoying his visions on stage, as a dancer, choreographer and director. His vitality and commitment are manifested in everything he does, introducing many new viewers to the world of dance, often with classical stories and myths as a basic element. He entertains us wholeheartedly. With his passion for dance, Fredrik Rydman opens up the dance scene to young audiences, thereby taking his responsibility for the future of dance among new generations. The 2021 Carina Ari Medal and a grant of SEK 25,000 is awarded to Fredrik Rydman.

The members of the Carina Ari Foundation’s medal committee are:
Gunilla Jensen, dance critic and dramaturge,
Ana Laguna, professor and Royal Court Dancer, and
Rennie Mirro, dancer and actor.