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Aesthetics and Analysis

Africa - Art

Africa - General about dance incl. music and masks

Africa - South Africa

Africa - Travel and other

Africa – Theater, film and literature

Anatomy and Dance Medicine



Antiquarian directory

Antiquity - Dance

Antiquity - General and Mixed

Antiquity - Rome

Antiquity - Theatre

Antiquity - Travelogues

Arab states

Art - Auction Catalogue

Art - Biography

Art - General and Mixed

Art - General and Mixed - Folio

Art - Poster

Asia - Bali

Asia - Borneo

Asia - Burma

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Australia - Biography


Ballet Libretti and Synopsis - Booklet

Ballet Libretti and Synopsis - small

Ballet libretti and synopsis

Ballet/Dance - Contemporary Dance

Ballet/Dance - Digitisation

Ballet/Dance - Drawings and painted dance pictures

Ballet/Dance - General Overview of Ballet and Dance

Ballet/Dance - History. General overviews older vintages of dance literature

Ballet/Dance - Photo - France

Ballet/Dance - Photo book

Ballet/Dance - Picture-book

Ballet/Dance - Research

Ballets Russes - Artists

Ballets Russes - Artists

Ballets Russes - Bakst

Ballets Russes - Catalogues

Ballets Russes - Choreography

Ballets Russes - Diaghilev

Ballets Russes - General and Mixed

Ballets Russes - General and Mixed – Scrapbook

Ballets Russes - Music

Ballets Russes - Nijinsky

Ballets Russes - Rubinstein

Ballets Russes - Successors to the Ballets Russes

Ballets Russes - Successors to the Ballets Russes - Programme

Ballets Russes - Successors to the Ballets Russes – Scrapbook

Ballets Russes – Artists – Scrapbook

Ballroom Dancing - 1900-30

Ballroom Dancing - Etiquette

Ballroom Dancing - Folio

Ballroom Dancing - From 1930 and Forward

Ballroom Dancing - History

Ballroom Dancing - History after 1900

Ballroom Dancing - Moral Views on Dance

Ballroom Dancing - Old Time Dancing

Ballroom Dancing - Reference

Ballroom Dancing - Swedish Country Dances

Ballroom Dancing - until 1900

Baltic states - Estonia - Ballroom Dancing

Baltic states - Estonia - Biography

Baltic states - Estonia - Ensembles

Baltic states - Estonia - Folk-dance

Baltic states - Estonia - General and Mixed

Baltic states - Estonia - Kids Dance

Baltic states - Estonia - Theatre

Baltic states - Latvia

Baltic states - Lithuania


Belgium - Ensembles

Belly Dance

Bibliographies - Dance Journals

Bibliographies - Dance Literature

Bibliographies - General and Mixed

Bibliographies - Mim / Pantomime Literature

Bibliographies - New York Public Library

Bibliographies - Other collections and books

Bibliographies - Theatre Literature

Body Language and Communication




Caribbean - Cuba

Caribbean - Haiti

Caribbean - Jamaica

China - Acrobatics

China - Arts

China - Beijing Opera

China - Beijing Opera in Chinese

China - Dance

China - Dance in Chinese

China - History

China - Literature

China - Miscellaneous

China - Music and Festivities

China - Puppet and Shadow Theatre

China - Realia

China - Religion - Philosophy of life etc.

China - Revolutionary Ballet

China - Tai-Chi

China - Theatre - General and Mixed

Competition Dancing

Costume History - Accessories

Costume History - Make-up

Costume History - Masques

Costume History - Shoes

Costume History - Wigs

Costume history

Culture - General and Mixed


Dance - Career

Dance Production

Dance Research - General and Mixed

Dance and movement - Turn of the century 1900

Dance in Society

Denmark - Biography

Denmark - Bournonville - Family

Denmark - Bournonville - General and Mixed

Denmark - Bournonville - Own writings

Denmark - Bournonville - Technology

Denmark - Folio

Denmark - General and Mixed

Denmark - Miscellaneous

Denmark - Monographs

Denmark - The Royal Danish ballet

Dictionary - General and Mixed

Directories - Artists


Disco - Break Dance - Hip Hop etc.

Education - Dance with Elderly People

Education - Teaching dance at school - Dance as Education etc.

England - Biography - Valois

England - Biography etc.

England - Contemporary Dance

England - Ensembles

England - Fiction

England - Folio

England - General and Mixed

England - Haskell

England - Ireland

England - Other

England - Schools in England

England - Scotland

England - Scrapbook

England - Yearbook


Film/video Catalogues

Fin de siècle - Biography - de Merode - Lola Montez - Otero et al

Fin de siècle - Century change 18-1900

Fin de siècle - Folio

Fin de siècle - General and Mixed without dancing

Fin de siècle - Opera and theatre

Fin de siècle - Other

Fin de siècle - World Expo


Folk Costumes

Folk Culture in Sweden

Folk-dance - American Folk-dance

Folk-dance - Austria

Folk-dance - Austria - Music

Folk-dance - Europe - General and Mixed

Folk-dance - France

Folk-dance - Germany

Folk-dance - Germany - Music

Folk-dance - Ireland

Folk-dance - Italy

Folk-dance - Music

Folk-dance - Notes

Folk-dance - Scandinavia - General and Mixed

Folk-dance - Scotland

Folk-dance - Series

Folk-dance - Swedish folk dancing - General and Mixed

Folk-dance - Switzerland

Folk-dance - Switzerland - Music

Folk-dance - UK

Folk-dance - Various countries

Folk-dance - the Netherlands

France - Biography

France - Biography - Béjart

France - Biography - J Baker

France - Biography - Nijinsky

France - Ensembles

France - Festival catalogue

France - Folio

France - French Culture

France - General and Mixed

France - Literature

France - Not directly dance

France - Older French Theatre

France - Other

Gender perspective on dance

Germany - Biography

Germany - Cabaret, Revue

Germany - Ensembles

Germany - General and Mixed

Germany - German Early Modernism

Germany - German Early Modernism - Bauhaus

Germany - German Early Modernism - Biography

Germany - German Early Modernism - Dada

Germany - German Early Modernism - Dance Related Fiction

Germany - German Early Modernism - Gymnastiks and physical culture

Germany - German Early Modernism - Jooss

Germany - German Early Modernism - Laban

Germany - German Early Modernism - National Socialism

Germany - German Early Modernism - Palucca

Germany - German Early Modernism - Published in Germany 1900-1945 - General and Mixed

Germany - German Early Modernism - Reinhardt

Germany - German Early Modernism - Schlemmer

Germany - German Early Modernism - Steiner

Germany - German Early Modernism - Steiner

Germany - German Early Modernism - Wiesenthal

Germany - Litterature

Germany - Other

Germany - Theatre


Greece - Realia


Gymnastics - Sports Acrobatics

Gypsy culture

Historical Dance - 14-1600s - Educational Materials

Historical Dance - 15 1800s - Celebrations - Festivals

Historical Dance - America - until 1685

Historical Dance - Austria - 16-1700s

Historical Dance - Ballet History 16-1700's

Historical Dance - Baroque France - Aesthetics

Historical Dance - Baroque France - Celebration

Historical Dance - Baroque France - Costume Design - Set Design

Historical Dance - Baroque France - Dancer-/Ballet Master Biography

Historical Dance - Baroque France - Moliere

Historical Dance - Baroque France - Music

Historical Dance - Baroque France - Music - Lully

Historical Dance - Baroque France - Noverre

Historical Dance - England - 16-1700s - Dance History

Historical Dance - England - 16-1700s - Educational material

Historical Dance - England - 16-1700s - Masques

Historical Dance - England - 16-1700s - Realia

Historical Dance - England - 16-1700s - Theatre

Historical Dance - England - Country Dances

Historical Dance - England - Garrick

Historical Dance - England - until 1800 - Source Material

Historical Dance - France - 15-1600s - Court Ballet

Historical Dance - France - 15-1600s - Court Ballet - Music

Historical Dance - France - 1520-1670 - Source Material

Historical Dance - France - 16-1700s - Realia

Historical Dance - France - 1680-1750

Historical Dance - France - 1680-1750 - Source Material

Historical Dance - France - 1750-1800 - Source Material

Historical Dance - General and Mixed

Historical Dance - Germany - 16-1700s - Music

Historical Dance - Germany - 16-1700s - Realia

Historical Dance - Germany - 1700s - Source Material

Historical Dance - Italy - 16-1700s - Biography

Historical Dance - Italy - 1600s - Dance Masters - Source Material

Historical Dance - Italy - 1650 and the 1700s - Theatre History

Historical Dance - Italy - 1700s - Source Material

Historical Dance - Italy - Celebrations - Performances

Historical Dance - Italy - Dance Masters in 1400 or so - Source Material

Historical Dance - Medieval

Historical Dance - Medieval - Notes - Surveys

Historical Dance - Medieval - Parties - Lobbies - Theatres etc.

Historical Dance - Medieval Manuscripts - Translations - Source Material

Historical Dance - Nedeländerna - 16-1700s

Historical Dance - Realia

Historical Dance - Renaissance - Aesthetics

Historical Dance - Renaissance - General and Mixed

Historical Dance - Renaissance - Other

Historical Dance - Russia

Historical Dance - Spain - 16 - and 1700s

Historical Dance - Switzerland - 16-1700s

History - General

Hungary - Ballet - in Hungarian

Hungary - Ballet in Western Languages

Hungary - Folio

Hungary - Folk-Dance - in Hungarian

Hungary - Folk-dance

Hungary - Miscellaneous

Hungary - Yearbooks etc. - in Hungarian

India - Art

India - Assam - Part of India

India - Bengal - Part of India

India - Bharata Natya Shastra in sanskrit and translated

India - Bharata Natyam

India - Biography

India - Caste System

India - Chhau

India - Costume

India - Dance - General and Mixed

India - Darjeeling - Part of India

India - Epos

India - Erotic

India - Festivals

India - Fiction

India - Film

India - Folk-dance

India - Foreign countries - from Indian point of view

India - Kalidasa

India - Kalidasa Complete Works

India - Kalidasa Plays

India - Karnataka - Part of India

India - Kathak

India - Kathakali

India - Kerala - Part of India

India - Kudyattam

India - Ladakh - Part of India

India - Lexicon - Bibliographies

India - Life and Institutions

India - Manipuri

India - Miscellaneous

India - Mohiniyattam

India - Music

India - Nagaland - Part of India

India - North Eastern Frontier Agency

India - Odissi-Orissi dance type

India - Orissi - Part of India

India - Puppet Theatre

India - Rare dance style

India - Religion - Philosophy

India - Sanskrit Drama

India - Tantra

India - Theatre

India - Travelogues

India - Yakshagana

India - Yoga

India – Early History

Indien - Part of India - Miscellaneous

Indigenous People


Italy - Biography

Italy - Ensembles

Italy - Folio

Italy - General and Mixed

Italy - Other

Japan - About Abroad - in japanese

Japan - Arts

Japan - Bibliographies

Japan - Bugaku

Japan - Bunraku

Japan - Butoh

Japan - Buyo

Japan - Ensembles

Japan - Folios - for example Butoh and Noh

Japan - Folk Art - Costume - Mask - Music - Stories - History - Tea Ceremony - Fiction

Japan - Gagaku

Japan - General about dance

Japan - Gigaku

Japan - Kabuki

Japan - Kyogen

Japan - Noh theatre

Japan - Noh theatre in Japanese

Japan - Realia

Japan - Theatre


Le Conseil Internationnal de Danse - Unesco

Les Ballets Suédois

Les Ballets Suédois - Books with Dedications to Members of the Ensemble

Les Ballets Suédois - Carina Ari

Les Ballets Suédois - Dardel

Les Ballets Suédois - Helga Dahl

Les Ballets Suédois - Léger

Les Ballets Suédois - Miscellaneous books

Les Ballets Suédois - Rolf de Maré

Les Ballets Suédois - set designers

Library Guard

Libray and Museum surveys

Libretto - China

Libretto - Denmark

Libretto - France

Libretto - Germany

Libretto - Great Britain

Libretto - Italy

Libretto - Sweden

Libretto - The Netherlands

Mexico - Dance and Mask

Mexico - Folio

Mexico - General and Mixed

Mime - Pantomime - Circus - Fool

Mime - Pantomime - Commedia dell'arte

Mime - Pantomime - General

Mime - Pantomime - Marcel Marceau

Mime - Pantomime - Mim Librettos etc.

Mime - Pantomime - Music

Mime - Pantomime - Other mime

Mime - Pantomime - The Fool

Mime - Pantomime - Until 1919

Miscellaneous about writing music

Movement Method and Theory

Movie and Video

Movie and Video - Biografi

Music - Artwork

Music - Biography

Music - Early Music

Music - General and Mixed

Music - Jazz

Music - Libretti

Music - Miscellaneous Music

Music - Music Methodology for Dancing

Music - Opera

Music - Popular music

Music - Soundtrack - Folio


Notation - Benesh

Notation - Folio

Notation - General

Notation - Laban

Notation - Miscellaneous

Notation - Stepanov


Oceania - New Zealand

Old book





Pioneers of Modernism - Appia

Pioneers of Modernism - Craig

Pioneers of Modernism - Dalcroze - rhythm

Pioneers of Modernism - Duncan

Pioneers of Modernism - Duncan's successor

Pioneers of Modernism - Fuller

Pioneers of Modernism - Miscellaneous

Pioneers of Modernism - Notation

Pioneers of Modernism - The journal The Mask

Pioneers of Modernism - the first Arte


Poland - Ensembles


Preservation of Film/Video


Rarity 15-1700's

Rarity - 16-1700's - small book

Rarity - 1800's - Russian book

Rarity - 1800's - small book

Rarity - Other

Reference - Cabaret - Chanson - Musical - Operetta - Revue Show

Reference - Carnival

Reference - Costumes

Reference - Dance Dictionary

Reference - Miscellaneous Dictionaries

Reference - Music Hall

Reference - Opera

Reference - Theatre

Religious Dance

Rereence - Music

Romanticism - Ballet Technique - Blasis etc.

Romanticism - Biography

Romanticism - Biography - Beaugrand

Romanticism - Biography - Ceritto

Romanticism - Biography - Didelot

Romanticism - Biography - Elssler

Romanticism - Biography - Grisi

Romanticism - Biography - J Perrot

Romanticism - Biography - Taglioni

Romanticism - Biography - Vigano

Romanticism - Biography - Webster

Romanticism - Early Romanticism

Romanticism - Educational materials

Romanticism - Fiction

Romanticism - Gautier, Théophile

Romanticism - General and Mixed

Romanticism - Giselle

Romanticism - High Romanticism

Romanticism - High Romanticism - Pictures

Romanticism - Late Romanticism

Romanticism - Music

Romanticism - Other

Romanticism - Realia

Romanticism - Verdi

Russia - About Abroad - in Russian

Russia - Art

Russia - Artists and Museums

Russia - Artists and Museums - in Russian

Russia - Ball-room dance - in Russian

Russia - Ballet Variations

Russia - Ballet Variations - in Russian

Russia - Ballets Russe and Diaghilev - in Russian

Russia - Before Ballets Russe - in Russian

Russia - Biography

Russia - Biography - in Russian

Russia - Character Dance - in Russian

Russia - Children - in Russian

Russia - Dance Competitions - in Russian

Russia - Ensemble of the Soviet Union - in Russian

Russia - Ensembles

Russia - Ensembles - Bolshoi - in Russian

Russia - Ensembles - Kirov - in Russian

Russia - Folio

Russia - Folk Repertoire - in Russian

Russia - Folk culture - in Russian

Russia - Folk-Dance

Russia - General and Mixed

Russia - General and Mixed - in Russian

Russia - General and Mixed about the old Russian ballet and drama - Folio - in Russian

Russia - Historical Dance - in Russian

Russia - Historical Overviews - Smaller sizes of books - in Russian

Russia - Joint Exhibition Dances - in Russian

Russia - Libretto - in Russian

Russia - Moisejev

Russia - Monographs - Single Ballets - in Russian

Russia - Music

Russia - Other in Western Languages

Russia - Realia

Russia - Set Design

Russia - Set Design - in Russian

Russia - Theatre - in Russian

Russia - Theatre Calendars - in Russian

Russia - Theatre in Western languages

Russia - Various Culture - in Russian

Russia - in Russian - Folio

Russia – Foreign folk-dances - in Russian

Russia – Music - in Russian

Russia – Republic - in Russian

Sheet of Music

Sheet of Music - Children's Music

Sheet of Music - Dance Descriptions Included

Sheet of Music - Handwritten

Sheet of Music - Social dancing

Sheet of Music - incl Illustrative Pictures

Sheet of Music for Ballet Classe


South America - Andes

South America - Argentina

South America - Ballet

South America - Bolivia

South America - Brazil

South America - Chile

South America - Colombia

South America - Cuba

South America - Ecquador

South America - Folio

South America - General and Mixed

South America - Guatemala

South America - Inca

South America - Paraguay

South America - Peru

South America - Tango

South America - Venezuela

Spain - Ballet

Spain - Biography

Spain - Castanets - Bolero School

Spain - Festivals and Exhibition Catalogues

Spain - Flamenco

Spain - Folio

Spain - Literature

Spain - Miscellaneous

Spain - Mixed on Spanish Dance

Spain - Regions

Sports - Choreography in sports

Street Dance

Sweden - Biography

Sweden - Drottningholms Slottsteater

Sweden - Ensembles

Sweden - Folio

Sweden - General and Mixed - Folio

Sweden - General and Mixed - Smaller Books

Sweden - Miscellaneous

Sweden - Paper

Sweden - Swedish History

Sweden - Swedish cultural policy

Sweden - Theatre - Yearbook

Sweden - Theatre plays

Switzerland - Ensembles

Switzerland - General and Mixed

Teaching - Choreographic Craft

Teaching - Classical ballet in Russian

Teaching - Early Modern Techniques

Teaching - Modern Educational Dance

Teaching - Modern techniques

Teatching - Ballet for Children

Teatching - Character Dance

Teatching - Children's Dance Practice

Teatching - Children's Dance Theory

Teatching - Classical Ballet - Cecchetti style

Teatching - Pas de deux

Teatching - pedgogik and methodology in the classical ballet

The Netherlands

Theatre - America

Theatre - Biography

Theatre - Dictionary

Theatre - England

Theatre - France

Theatre - General and Mixed

Theatre - Germany

Theatre - History

Theatre - Italy

Theatre - Pedagogics

Theatre - Polen

Theatre - Puppet Theatre

Theatre - Stage Play

Theatre - Technology

Theatre - Technology - Ergonomics

Theatre - Technology - Law

Theatre - Technology - Light Setting

Theatre - Technology - Set Design

Therapy - Dance Therapy

Transition to a new profession

Travel - Older Travelogues



United States - African American - Jazz Technologies

United States - Afro-American - Dance with African Influence

United States - Afro-American - Jazz Mixed

United States - Afro-American - Tap Dance

United States - Biography

United States - Ensembles

United States - Fiction

United States - Folio

United States - General and Mixed.

United States - Native Americans

United States - Programme

Writings on a specific topic - Ballet



about the CA-foundations in various literature

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101 resultaten voor BalDanAoB

Titels: Art & Dance. Images of the Modern Dialogue. 1890-1980
Auteurs: A
Uitgever: Institute of Contemporary Art
Publicatiejaar: 1982
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Ballet & Modern Dance with contributions by leading choreographers, dancers and critics
Auteurs: A
Uitgever: Octopus Books
Publicatiejaar: 1974
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Danza poesia e pittura
Auteurs: A
Uitgever: Accademia nazionale di danza
Publicatiejaar: 1961
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Princess Ballet Book nr 3
Auteurs: A
Uitgever: Fleetway Publications Ltd
Publicatiejaar: 1964
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Princess Ballet Book nr 4
Auteurs: A
Uitgever: Fleetway Publications Ltd
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Princess Ballet Book nr 7
Auteurs: A
Uitgever: IPC Magazines Ltd
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Princess Ballet Book nr 9
Auteurs: A
Uitgever: IPC Magazines Ltd
Publicatiejaar: 1976
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Tropiques. Revue des troupes coloniales
Auteurs: A
Uitgever: Pouzet et Cie
Publicatiejaar: 1951
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Ballet & modern dance
Auteurs: Au, Susan
Uitgever: Thames and Hudson Ltd
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Titels: The Ballerina
Auteurs: Austin, Richard
Uitgever: Vision Press Limited
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Titels: Ballet here and now
Auteurs: Barnes, Clive & Coton, A. V. & Jaackson, Frank
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Titels: Der Tanz
Auteurs: Bie, Oscar [Bie, Oskar]
Uitgever: Bard, Marquardt & Co.
Publicatiejaar: 1906
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Der Tanz
Auteurs: Bie, Oscar [Bie, Oskar]
Uitgever: Julius Bard
Publicatiejaar: 1919
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Titels: Der Tanz
Auteurs: Boehn, Max von
Uitgever: Wegweiser-Verlag
Publicatiejaar: 1925
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Problèmes de la danse
Auteurs: Brillant, Maurice
Uitgever: Librairie Arman Colin
Publicatiejaar: 1953
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Problèmes de la danse
Auteurs: Brillant, Maurice
Uitgever: Librairie Theatrale
Publicatiejaar: 1979
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Dancing and Dancers of Today. The Modern Revival of Dancing as an Art
Auteurs: Caffin, Caroline & Caffin, Charles H.
Uitgever: Dodel, Mead and Company
Publicatiejaar: 1912
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: La danse. Comment on dansait
Auteurs: Charbonnel, Raoul
Uitgever: Garnier Frères Éditeurs
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Titels: In praise of ballet. An anthology of enjoyment
Auteurs: Clarke, Grace
Uitgever: Frederick Muller Ltd.
Publicatiejaar: 1951
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Presenting people who dance
Auteurs: Clarke, Mary
Uitgever: Paul Hamlyn
Publicatiejaar: 1961
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Titels: Dancer. Men in Dance
Auteurs: Clarke, Mary & Crisp, Clement
Uitgever: British Broadcasting Corporation
Publicatiejaar: 1984
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Encyclopédie universelle 7 [danse]
Auteurs: Dasseville, Luc
Uitgever: Marabout
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Girl New Book of World Ballet
Auteurs: Davis, Mike [ed]
Uitgever: Odhams Books Limited
Publicatiejaar: 1963
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Ballet Profile
Auteurs: Deakin, Irving
Uitgever: Dodge Publishing Company
Publicatiejaar: 1936
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: To the ballet!. An introduction to the liveliest of arts
Auteurs: Deakin, Irving
Uitgever: Dodge Publishing Company
Publicatiejaar: 1935
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Ballet and Modern Dance
Auteurs: Dodd, Craig
Uitgever: Phaidon Press Ltd
Publicatiejaar: 1980
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Titels: Bluff Your Way in Ballet
Auteurs: Dodd, Craig
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Titels: Ballet and Dance
Auteurs: Doeser, Linda
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Titels: Approach to the ballet
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Titels: Oriental and Character Dances
Auteurs: Frost, Helen
Uitgever: Barnes
Publicatiejaar: 1927
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Danser sa vie
Auteurs: Garaudy, Roger
Uitgever: Éditions du Seuil
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Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Jacques Georgel, entretiens avec Chérif Khaznadar [et] Francoise Gründ. Sur la piste des cultures du monde
Auteurs: Georges, Jacques
Uitgever: Favre - ABC
Publicatiejaar: 1985
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: La Danse au Xxe siècle
Auteurs: Ginot, Isabelle & Michel, Marcelle
Uitgever: Larousse
Publicatiejaar: 2002
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Schönheit und Tanz
Auteurs: Godlewski, Willy
Uitgever: Bartels
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Bodies of the Text. Dance as Theory, Literature as Dance
Auteurs: Goellner, Ellen W. et al
Uitgever: Rutgers University Press
Publicatiejaar: 1994
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Europe Dancing. Perspectives on Theatre Dance and Cultural Identity
Auteurs: Grau, Andrée [ed] et al
Uitgever: Routledge
Publicatiejaar: 2006
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Understanding Ballet. The steps of the dance from classroom to stage
Auteurs: Gregory, John & Davis, Mike
Uitgever: Octopus Books
Publicatiejaar: 1972
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Der Tanz als Bewegungsphänomen. Wesen und Werden
Auteurs: Günther, Dorothee
Uitgever: Rowohlt
Publicatiejaar: 1962
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Spiele der Völker. Eindrücke und Studien auf einer Weltfahrt nach Afrika und Ostasien
Auteurs: Hagemann, Carl
Uitgever: Schuster & Loeffler
Publicatiejaar: 1919
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: An anatomy of ballet
Auteurs: Hall, Fernau
Uitgever: Andrew Melrose
Publicatiejaar: 1953
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: The World of Ballet and Dance
Auteurs: Hall, Fernau
Uitgever: London
Publicatiejaar: 1970
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Tribal Dancing and Social Development
Auteurs: Hambly, W. D.
Uitgever: Witherby
Publicatiejaar: 1926
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: The Performer-Audience Connection
Auteurs: Hanna, Judith Lynne
Uitgever: University of Texas Press
Publicatiejaar: 1983
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Trance, Tanz und Ekstase
Auteurs: Hengst, Dirk
Publicatiejaar: 2001
Plaatscode: BalDanAoB

Titels: Ensayos sobre el ballet
Auteurs: Kriner, Dora
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