The Carina Ari Medal 2024

Carina Ari Medal
The Carina Ari Medal is awarded to Cristina Caprioli for her commendable contribution to Swedish dance.

Cristina Caprioli. Foto: Jens Wazel Cristina Caprioli. Foto: Jens Wazel

The jury's statement:

The dancer and choreographer Cristina Caprioli has been active in Sweden and internationally since the 1990s. The choreographic precision of her works brings out the dancers’ unique skills, while extending into other art forms, including installations, films, publications and interdisciplinary research projects, expanding the field of dance in practice and theory. In 1998, she founded ccap, an organisation that has produced numerous works inspired by philosophy and feminism, along with productions for younger audiences. Caprioli became a professor of choreographic composition at the DOCH - The University College of Dance and Circus in 2008 (now Stockholm University of the Arts - SKH). She herself appeared in “A Hair-Raising Solo” as late as 2020. In recent years, ccap has developed Hallen in Farsta into a key venue for artistic collaborations.

In 2022, a large international audience could enjoy a Caprioli retrospective at Tanz im August in Berlin, and this year, Caprioli is the recipient of the prestigious Golden Lion at the dance biennale in Venice, a token of her great achievements in the art of dance.

Anna Ångström, on behalf of the Medal Committee, the Carina Ari Memorial Fund

The Medal Committee of the Carina Ari Memorial Fund:
Anna Ångström, critic and editor at SvD,
Ana Laguna, professor and Royal Court Dancer, and
Rennie Mirro, artist.