Carina's own scholarship

Carina 1918
Carina Ari 1918

Carina Ari often said that the most important event in her artistic career was when she received a scholarship for further private studies under Michel Fokine. In those days, a scholarship such as this was unusual – it may even have been the first time a Swedish dancer received a scholarship of this kind. "The scholarship was my capital for life," she said. It laid the foundation for her subsequent triumphs as a dancer and choreographer.

Michel Fokin
Carina Ari's teacher, the genious Michel Fokine

Carina Ari never forgot the blessing that the scholarship entailed. Later in life, when she had grown wealthy, she wished to make a substantial contribution to the art of dancing in Sweden. With this intention, Carina decided to give future dancers the same advantage that she had enjoyed.

Scholarship guidelines

Thanks to Carina Ari's concern for future young dancers, we have been in a position to award more than 2,000 scholarships since 1973, in accordance with the Foundation's statutes, to "promote young people's studies and training to be dance artists".

Applicants should be at least 16 years old, Swedish citizens, working as dancers or in the process of graduating from dance studies.

Scholarships are not awarded for basic dance training.

Swedish dancers employed in ensembles abroad are also eligible.

Foreign nationals may be considered, if they are working in a Swedish dance company for at least one year and are expected to remain in Sweden.

The age limit for applicants is 30, except for choreographers, teachers or scholars.

Applications are also invited for a few weeks of free lodging in the Memorial foundation's apartment in Paris for the purpose of study.

Application Form

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PLEASE NOTE: All application forms are in Swedish.

There are certain restrictions for non-Swedish applicants (see Scholarship guidelines above).

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