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Welcome to the Carina Ari Foundations

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Carina Ari

Carina Ari was a famous Swedish prima ballerina. Her life went through many changes. Born in a poor family, she eventually achieved fame, wealth and love.

Her inheritage is dedicated to the world of dance.

Prof. Bengt Häger

About Bengt Häger, the doyen of the foundations, dance impresario, founder of the Dance Museum and the University College of Dance

The Carina Ari Memorial Foundation

  • awards scholarships to Swedish young dancers for studies abroad
  • promotes quality in research in the field of dance
  • provides support for aged dancers
  • awards the Carina Ari Medal to individuals who have promoted Swedish dance
Carina Ari Medal

The Carina Ari Medal


Scholarships for young dancers

Scholarships for dance research

The Carina Ari Library

is an internationally renowned reference and research centre for dance. The large collection of books, periodicals, videos, pictures and other source material is continuously extended.

Examples from the Carina Ari Library Publications series

The Royal Swedish Ballet

Carina Ari Library Publication No. 6 "A History from 1592 to 1962".
Mastro da Ballo (Perugia 1614)

Mastro da Ballo (Perugia 1614)

Carina Ari Library Publication No. 1 Santucci's Mastro da Ballo, the latest of the 17th-century dance manuals to have come to light thus far.